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Roi Olive Oil

The king of Riviera oils.

On the Italian Riviera, delicacy, not strength, brings an oil acclaim and honor.

Roi is one of the best Ligurian extra virgin olive oils I’ve tried. It’s been made in the mountain town of Badalucco by the Boeri family since 1900, exclusively from the thumbnail-sized Taggiasca olive.

This oil is the favorite of many of our crew. I regularly recommend it to folks who are beginning their olive oil education. At home, I love to pour Roi on freshly baked whole fish (half an hour at 350 degrees for a fish that weighs a pound).

The most recent harvest from fall 2016 has a warm black olive aroma. The flavor has a quick burst of pepper that tickles the back of the throat, but doesn't linger for a long time. The oil tastes like black olive, dried grass, and a smidge of green banana.

Roi Olive Oil

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Roi Olive Oil

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