Mariano Sanz Terese Arrojo Olive Oil

Zingerman's exclusive from western Spain.

This is a unique, unfiltered extra virgin organic oil from the rarely visited Sierra de Gredos, the wild, sparsely settled mountain region of Spain not far from the Portuguese border. The oil is made by Mariano Sanz Pech, whose passion for traditional Spanish foods is (in my experience) unequalled.

No pressing is used in the production, so yields are half the commercial norm. Mariano bottles only the “flower of the oil”: that which drips naturally from the crushed olives. As always, it’s unfiltered, leaving it lusciously cloudy in the bottle, my favorite kind of oil. Great on salads, with grilled meats of all sorts or on bean dishes. Better yet, just pour it on a nice thick slice of toasted Farm Bread, sprinkle on a pinch of sea salt and add a couple slices of ripe tomatoes and enjoy the fruits of Mariano's labor.

The 2017 harvest oil is beautifully complex. It starts off buttery, then moves to a green bitterness with a sharp kick that slowly gives way to a long-lasting tickle of pepper. The aroma is fresh, reminding me of artichoke, spinach, green almond, and fresh-cut grass.

Mariano Sanz Terese Arrojo Olive Oil

O-MAR 500 ml
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