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Hummingbird Buttercream Cake: Angela's Favorite

Southern twist.

Angela "Watty" Watts is a service star in our service center at Zingerman's Mail Order.

My favorite product is the Hummingbird Cake. Seriously? The BEST Cake ever. It's moist and flavorful, with a bit of everything in every delicious bite. This cake has some of my favorite things mixed in it: pineapple, bananas, toasted pecans, and toasted coconut? Top all of that with real buttercream frosting made from real butter and vanilla direct from Madagascar? Yes Please! 
Normally I'm a dark chocolate sweets kind of girl, that is, until it comes to cake. The Hummingbird Cake has my heart. It's my go to for every time that I'm needing a cake fix; it's my birthday cake, my mother's day cake, my husband's 'I'm sorry' cake, and it was my 22nd anniversary cake. 
Ships frozen. Remove the plastic while cold, then defrost and serve at room temperature for maximum flavor and attractiveness.

Hummingbird Buttercream Cake: Angela's Favorite

A-HUM Serves 6-8, 6 inches diameter, 4 inches high, 1.75 lbs
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