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L'amuse Gouda

Cheese candy.

While Gouda is made everywhere in Holland, there are major differences between goudas from different regions. These wheels are made in the north from milk of Holstein cows, two factors that give the cheese a distinctive creaminess speckled with big, crunchy flavor crystals.

Selected for us by Betty Koster of L'amuse, Amsterdam's top cheese shop, this cheese is aged for over two years. The flavor is correspondingly intense. It fills your mouth with butterscotch and caramel, almost like a dessert. In fact, a single nib, taken with espresso after dinner, is a revelation.

"Cheese candy"
New York Magazine

Our current wheel of L'Amuse Gouda is everything this cheese should be: big, caramelly flavor packed with plenty of flavor crystals to add a bit of crunch. 

L'amuse Gouda

C-LAM by the lb
$18 - $35
ships 2 business days warm weather care

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