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Zingerman's Vegetarian Reuben Sandwich Kit

Zingerman's Vegetarian Reuben Sandwich Kit

Terrific with tempeh.

Our reuben sandwich kits are the hit of lunches across the country for folks who love real deli fare. But what about those who love a good reuben but don't eat meat? Enter tempeh!

Tempeh is a traditional Indonesian food. A bit like tofu, it's made from fermented soy beans and shaped into a block. But where tofu can be light and silky, tempeh is dense and toothsome, with a meaty texture and a nutty flavor, making it a great fit to add to a sandwich.

We get our tempeh from the local master fermenters at The Brinery here in Ann Arbor, Michigan. They use organically-grown, non-GMO soy beans from a farm just across the state border in northern Ohio.

At Zingerman's Deli, they've been using this tempeh on a vegetarian reuben sandwich for years. Make one (or three) yourself at home and see just how delicious a vegetarian reuben can be.

Included: Jewish Rye, tempeh, sliced cheddar cheese (made with vegetarian rennet), Zingerman’s potato chips, Coleslaw, Sauerkraut, Russian dressing, garlicky pickles, Magic Brownie Bites. 

Our professional-grade instructions come inside the box.

Zingerman's Vegetarian Reuben Sandwich Kit

G-VRB-2 Serves 3-4
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