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Zingerman's Roadhouse Spicy Rub

Zingerman's Roadhouse Spicy Rub

Versatile spice mix for your home cooking.

Chef Alex Young, founder of Zingerman’s Roadhouse and champion of American cuisine, was playing around one summer’s day with Roadhouse Joe coffee, Urfa red pepper, Tellicherry Black Pepper, cloves and Portuguese sea salt. He came up with a spice rub that’s been impressing customers at the Roadhouse and writers like Francine Maroukian from Esquire magazine (who lauded it in the November 2005 issue) ever since.

It works great as a dry rub spread on chicken or beef. It’s stellar on pork loin. Or mix it with garlic and olive oil for a smolderingly smooth “wet” rub.

Incredibly versatile, a little goes a long way. It’ll help you change your cooking any night of the week.

Zingerman's Roadhouse Spicy Rub

P-RSR 2 oz jar
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