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Yassa Sauce

Yassa Sauce

West African flavor for your cooking

Jainaba Jeng was born in The Gambia, a small country in West Africa. Her options for higher education were limited, so she moved to Nova Scotia for school and then eventually to Raleigh, North Carolina where her sister lived. Since the political climate was rough in The Gambia, she stayed in the States and pursued her career in International Relations.

But her passion was cooking and especially cooking the flavors and dishes she left behind in Africa. On the side, during weekends, whenever there was an opportunity to cook, Jainaba was there. Eventually, and with a lot of encouragement, she took her love of cooking and culture to the next level and started her own business on the side, Kitchens of Africa. Her business is still young and small, but Jainaba’s dream of sharing the flavors of Africa with an American audience is becoming a reality.

The Yassa sauce is Jainaba’s favorite and great with chicken. It’s a blend of fresh ginger, garlic, caramelized onions and more. It’s smoky because of paprika with a little heat behind it thanks to Dijon mustard in the mix. In short, it’s a whole lotta flavor in a jar. A quick way to enjoy truly exotic flavors. Simmer and serve with rice or pasta.

Yassa Sauce

P-YAS 12 oz jar
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