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Vinaigre De Banyuls

Vinaigre De Banyuls

Virtually unheard of—a good thing since there isn't a whole lot to go around.

It sat on my desk for months. I almost didn't get around to trying it. But the first time I sipped it I almost finished half the bottle. Good thing I didn't, since it's produced in such small quantities. Over six years of aging in wood yields the smoothest, most feathery light flavor I've ever tasted in a vinegar. Subtly sweet, with a touch of almond and a hint of fine, aged sherry.

It makes a great vinaigrette when paired with a Provençal oil like Maussane Olive Oil and Fleur de Sel Sea Salt.

Vinaigre De Banyuls

V-BAN 375 ml bottle
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