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Tinned Grilled Branzino

Tinned Grilled Branzino

Fisherman's choice.

Traditionally, fisherman would grill fresh branzino (what Italians call Mediterranean sea bass) and enjoy it doused with olive oil. Simple. The oil brings out the soft, sweet, delicate flavor of the fish while giving the flesh of the fish a delicate, flakey texture. Grilling the fish and tinning it with oil gives a similar effect, with the added bonus that the flesh takes on a silky texture as they marinate in the oil over time.

Toss the whole tin (fish and oil) with pasta, a squeeze of lemon and some chunks of parmesan for an easy, delicious dinner. Or serve as an appetizer with some good crusty bread. 

Tinned Grilled Branzino

P-BNZ 145 g tin
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