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Sweet Ginger Pickles

Sweet Ginger Pickles

Chewable ginger ale in pickle form.

If you're a pickle maker, how do you stand out amongst the rest of the hip picklers working in Brooklyn and every farmer's market around the country? Care about flavor, name your company "Crisp & Co." then live up to your reputation. 

It should come as no surprise that we "Zingernauts" have a special appreciation for pickles (we were all born from a Deli after all). We take our pickles seriously and we've seen lots of good and bad examples of what brine, cucumbers and spices can accomplish. So when we first tasted these sweet ginger pickles, we knew we'd found something special.

The pickle chips have great snap and wonderful sweet/spicy flavor. The prickly heat of the ginger isn't overpowering. It just adds another layer of flavor to any and all dishes. 

They're awesome on sandwiches, or chopped up and added to chicken salad. You can lay out some chips on your cheese tray the next time you entertain. If your friends are like mine, they'll finish the pickles first. 

Sweet Ginger Pickles

P-GPK 1 lb jar
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