Zingerman's "New" Pickles

Zingerman's "New" Pickles

The cult and staff favorite pickle

Let me give you some insight into the deli world: new pickles are awesome. Traditionalists prefer the garlic and dilly "old" pickles as the sidekick to their reubens, and that's great. It's a heckuva good pickle. Tried and true. 

I spent many years making the famous sandwiches at Zingerman's Deli and I slung a lot of pickles during that time so give my words a little more weight than your basic food blog or Instagram story when I tell you this: "new" pickles are better than "old" pickles. That's straight from the pickle pusher's mouth. 

You see, the "new" pickle is the younger, hipper, snappier and not as garlicky version of the "old" pickle. They're vibrant green compared the muted tone of the old pickles, and their crunch is really satisfying. They are peaking; the ultimate expression of cucumber and brine. And while this pickle picker prefers them young, as they age they only become something equally as delicious: old pickles. That's right. Even if you miss the window of perfection that's possible in the "new" form, it simply transforms into an "old" pickle. 

That's a heckuva consolation prize.

"Your new pickles are the most delicious crunchy summer snack. I’m not exaggerating that they are the best pickles I’ve had in years, maybe ever. Miles better than grocery store pickles."
Mia, Malibu, CA

Zingerman's "New" Pickles

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