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Summer Sausage

Summer Sausage

Midwest nostalgia meat.

Summer sausage is a midwest staple and this top-notch version comes from Jonny Hunter and his team at Underground Collective in Madison, Wisconsin. They’re a community of businesses (a couple of restaurants, a catering company, a butcher, and a charcuterie maker) and this sausage comes from the charcuterie making team, Underground Meats. They're sourcing local, humanely-raised meats and they're turning them into some super delicious salamis. For this summer sausage, they're using a mix of sustainably raised pork and beef.
It’s meaty, soft, sweet, sometimes a little smoky, but great any time of day. Especially with a cracker and some cheddar cheese, or maybe a handful of nuts. On a party platter I guarantee it will be the first appetizer to go. It's fine for hours outside the fridge so it’s naturally a favorite of backpackers and picnic goers alike. A great tasting food without pretense.

Summer Sausage

M-SSS 10 oz
Returning on or before December 18
Ships for flat rate

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