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Pignoli Pine Nut Cookies

Pignoli Pine Nut Cookies

A nut cookie fantasy.

There is nothing for kids in this cookie. There’s no chocolate chips, no marshmallows or peanut butter pockets laced with caramel. Heck, there’s not even any wheat flour in these cookies. Almost anti-kid.

They’re full of nuts, and expensive ones at that. Traditionally, pignolis are Sicilian holiday cookies made with almond paste and pine nuts. For our version, we kept the pine nuts, replaced the almond paste with almond flour, and added hazelnuts, the most flavorful we could find. We barely sweeten them with cane sugar and honey and the only thing holding that collection of ingredients together is egg whites. There's no wheat flour, making them gluten free and a good choice for a Passover dessert (or, frankly, a dessert any other week of the year).

So when some ragamuffin comes begging for a bite (and you know they will) simply explain how unsuited they are to this particular style of biscuit and they should find satisfaction in some other sweetened morsel. There’s so many big words in that sentence they’ll still be looking ‘em up while you sneak off and finish the box.

Not Kosher.

Pignoli Pine Nut Cookies

G-PGN 24 cookies, gift boxed
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