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Pewabic Bread Warming Tile

Pewabic Bread Warming Tile

Super deluxe bread warmer.

Detroit's storied tileworks, Pewabic Pottery, has made striking, naturalistic Arts & Craft tiles for over one hundred years. They grace churches and home mantles from Palmer Park to New York's Upper East Side. Today they're a national institution, making great tiles and educating potters in their century-old location just off Jefferson Avenue.

Since earthenware tile holds heat well it makes a natural food warmer. When you heat bread, keep this beautiful, fawn-colored tile in the oven and add it to the bread basket you put on the table. It'll keep the slices toasty all dinner long. Unwarmed, it also does duty as a handsome trivet.

Pewabic Bread Warming Tile

P-PEW 7 inch diameter
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