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Passion Fruit & Citrus Curd

Passion Fruit & Citrus Curd

Val's favorite.

Val Neff-Rasmussen is a writer and food finder at Zingerman's Mail Order

I fell in love with passion fruit while traveling in Australia, where they love to put it in everything from yogurt to teacakes. I was thrilled when I returned home to Michigan to discover I could feed my Aussie passion fruit habit with American Spoon’s Passion Fruit and Citrus Curd.
Impossibly rich and creamy, this curd tastes like a tropical fantasy: tart-sweet with an exotic floral quality that reminds me of a warm breeze while sipping a cool drink on a white sand beach. I've taken to stopping friends, coworkers, acquaintances, and pretty much anyone else who will listen how great it is. But now I'm starting to think maybe I should keep a bit quieter about it, to make sure I have enough for my yogurt, toast, and pancakes...and often, my spoons.

Passion Fruit & Citrus Curd

P-PCD 9.5 oz jar
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