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Passion Fruit & Citrus Curd

Passion Fruit & Citrus Curd


Citrus curds are custardy spreads made from eggs, butter, sugar, and plenty of citrus juice and zest. This one starts with a citrus base of orange juice, tangelo juice, and lime juice, and then gets an exotic twist from the addition of a potent dose of passion fruit juice.

Passion fruit tastes like a tropical dream: bright, tart-sweet, with a floral quality that always reminds me of sipping a cool drink on a white sand beach. In this luscious, creamy curd from the master preserve makers at American Spoon, that passion fruit flavor is a jolt to the senses. Use it to add a serious zip to your morning toast, scones, or yogurt. Or drizzle a little over cheesecake or gelato for a knockout dessert.

Passion Fruit & Citrus Curd

P-PCD 9.5 oz jar
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