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Muraglia Olive Oil - Collectors Edition

Muraglia Olive Oil - Collectors Edition

2021 collector's edition: sardines!

We've been selling Muraglia Olive Oil around the holidays for years now. The extra virgin olive oil is made in Puglia, the heel of Italy's boot, from Coratina olives. The flavors are punchy, with plenty of green, peppery kick—but even more striking than the flavor is the packaging. The oil comes in gorgeous, handmade bottles. We've loved the bold, colorful stripes on the classic ceramic bottles, which can be refilled with oil over and over or reused as flower vases once the oil is all used.

But the bottle artists have a lot more tricks up their sleeves than just stripes. For 2021, we've got a very limited, very special collector's edition bottle: a white ceramic bottle painted with a colorful array of sardines.

Muraglia Olive Oil - Collector's Edition 2021 (Sardine Ceramic Bottle)

O-MUR-C 500 ml sardine ceramic bottle
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More to learn

Illustration of an olive oil bottle

How to store olive oil

As a very flexible rule, extra virgin olive oil can be stored for about a year. Keep it in a relatively cool, dark place. Heat and light are enemies, so stay away from window sills and stove sides. There’s no need to refrigerate, in fact, we recommend you avoid it.

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Illustration of a person with a basket of freshly picked olives balanced on their shoulder.

How do you know your olive oil is the real deal?

Every couple years it seems a big news story breaks about the dangers of adulterated extra virgin olive oil. The oils in these stories invariably from producers who are blending olives from many sources. They’re mixing less expensive oils in, ones that are possibly not from the region they say they are, possibly not extra […]

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