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Hafod Welsh Cheddar Cheese

Hafod Welsh Cheddar Cheese

A rare farmhouse cheddar from Wales.

Hafod is an organic cheddar made to an ancient Welsh recipe in Wales on a farm called Bwlchwernen Fawr. (Don’t you just love Welsh names?)
The farm is home to sixty-five Ayrshire cows. The milk from Ayrshire cows is very rich and high in butterfat and protein. That's exactly what you want out of the milk you're using for cheesemaking and the result is a fantastic cheddar.
Creamy, buttery, bright yet rich, it’s a fantastic cheddar from one of the few farmhouse cheesemakers in the United Kingdom.

Hafod Welsh Cheddar Cheese

C-HFD by the lb
$23 - $45
Ships for flat rate

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