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Customizable 6 Vegan Snack Gift Box

Customizable 6 Vegan Snack Gift Box

Vegan snack time.

Whether sweet or salty, crunchy or chewy, cheesy or chocolatey, snack time is best when you get to munch on the foods you like best—and that fit your diet. Choose from all manner of different snacky vegan foods to build your ideal collection. Your custom assortment is packed in our custom, cartoon gift box.


Looking for different snacks? Take a look at all our Custom Snack Gift Box options. Hoping to customize a different assortment of foods? Check out all of our customizable gifts. If you'd like to create a custom gift box with other ingredients we're happy to help. Give us a ring at 888.636.8162.

Choose any 6:

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Tellicherry Pepper Potato Chips

Small batch potato chips seasoned with Tellicherry black peppercorns. Personal size 1.35 oz bag.

Sea Salt Potato Chips

Small batch potato chips seasoned with French grey sea salt. Personal size 1.35 oz bag.

Red Fife Wheat Crackers

Made with heirloom red fife wheat. Satisfyingly crunchy. 4 oz box.

Virginia Diner Peanuts

Big, fat, perfectly roasted Virginia peanuts, salted. Terrifically crunchy, huge flavor. 10 oz tin.

Marcona Almonds

Sweet, crunchy almonds from Spain, fried and salted. 4 oz bag.
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Pic's Peanut Butter Pouches

Pic's creamy peanut butter from New Zealand. Great on the go. Six 1-oz pouches.

Roasted Heirloom Pepitas

Heirloom kakai pumpkin seeds, salted and roasted. Light, crunchy, toasty. 3 oz bag.

Cornichon Pickles

Tiny sour pickled cucumbers. Tart and crunchy. 12.4 oz jar.

Sahli Olives

Tiny black olives from Tunisia, in a salt brine. Smooth, rich flavor. Organic. 4.5 oz jar.

Almondinger Cookie

Soft and chewy, loaded with coconut and almond. Vegan.

Fig and Almond Cake

Dense, chewy, sweet cake of pressed pajarero figs and Marcona almonds. 225 g.

Kolsvart Sour Blueberry Gummies

Artisan Swedish fish: sweet-tart sour blueberry turbot-shaped gummy candies. 4.2 oz bag.

Maple Halva

Made with tahini and Vermont maple syrup. Nutty, sweet, crumbly. 4 oz bag.

Vanilla Bean Halva

Classically sweet from vanilla, nutty from tahini. 4 oz bag.

Customizable 6 Vegan Snack Gift Box

G-6SVN Six snacks, gift boxed
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