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Clementines in Syrup

Clementines in Syrup

Just shy of too much.

We’ve been selling (and loving) the chocolate covered clementines from the Favella Masseria Ranch located near Sibari in Southern Italy for years. In one of those belated glimpses of the delicious, we finally brought over these slightly purer version: clementines in syrup. They take the whole clementines and soak them for three weeks in a constantly refreshed bath of simple syrup, pulling extra sweetness into the fruit to balance the brightness. The result is a sweet-tart pop of flavor that bursts with syrupy, sunshiney, citrus flavor when you bite or cut into one.

Each jar contains six or seven whole, golf ball-sized clementines, packed in a bath of clementine-y syrup. Top your gelato or granola, garnish roast pork or chicken, set a few wedges atop cheesecake or flan, or serve on a cheese tray before dinner. And don't throw out the syrup—save it for stirring into cocktails or tea, or drizzle it over yogurt or pancakes.

Chew carefully—the whole clementines may contain seeds.

Clementines in Syrup

P-CIS 390 g jar
Ships for flat rate