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Ruby Chocolate Dipped Figs

Ruby Chocolate Dipped Figs

Radiant in ruby.

For decades, the fig aficionados at La Higuera made only one product: rich, luscious, dark chocolate dipped figs, each stuffed with a woozy, boozy chocolate cream spiked with a hint of liqueur. Then, a few years back, they introduced white chocolate dipped figs, a lighter, sweeter, fruitier take with a hint of strawberry in the white chocolate filling. And new this year, they’ve introduced their prettiest fig yet, dipped in ruby chocolate.

With a natural pink color that comes from a particular type of reddish-tinged cacao bean, ruby chocolate has a sweet-tart flavor. When used to enrobe a fig stuffed with a Marc de Cava liquor-spiked cream, the result is a pleasant, fruity confection without tasting boozy.

Ruby Chocolate Dipped Figs

P-RRB 8 piece box
Returning October 2021