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Chocolate Birthday Layer Cake

Chocolate Birthday Layer Cake

Let us bake the cake.

Zingerman’s Bakehouse’s cake artists meticulously hand-decorate big, stunning wedding cakes. Not only are they gorgeous to behold, they taste better than almost any homemade cake you've ever had. Unfortunately, we can't ship a whole wedding cake. But that doesn't mean you can't seize on a birthday opportunity to send a smaller-sized handmade labor of love.

Dense chocolate ganache and chocolate cake inside, chocolate fondant outside and a large fondant bow to tie it all together, so to speak. Skip the grocery store special this year and sneak this beauty under the cake dome. Eyes will roll back in pleasure and, once again, you’ll be the humble hero of the occasion.

Ships frozen, arrives cool, keep refrigerated.

Chocolate Birthday Layer Cake

A-ZBC 2.25 lbs, 6 inch diameter, serves 6-10
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