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Brownie Bites Gift Boxes

Brownie Bites Gift Boxes

Our legendary brownies, now bite sized.

Lauded by magazines, newspapers, rating guides, Republicans, Democrats... if our brownies were running for office, they’d be the dream ticket.

For more than three decades we sold them in one size only: huge. Now we've cut them down to a quarter of their original size and individually wrapped—a bite or two and you're done.

Perfect for business gifting. Snackers can take them back to their desks and chomp in peace. Or, since each bite comes individually wrapped, they can be stashed in a drawer for a pick-me-up later in the day.

Half classic Magic Brownie, with toasted walnuts. Half Black Magic, no nuts involved. (You decide which brownie represents which party.)

Brownie Bites 20 Piece Gift Box

G-MBB 20 bite cartoon cardboard box
Free shipping

Brownie Bites 50 Piece Gift Box

G-M50 50 bites in wooden crate
Free shipping

Brownie Bites 100 Piece Gift Box

G-M100 100 bites in wooden crate
Free shipping