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Black Pearl Balsamic Vinegar

Black Pearl Balsamic Vinegar

Dark and coveted, for a limited time.

The sweet spot (pun intended) of balsamic vinegar gifts, available for a limited time only.

It’s beautiful, packaged in an elegant box with a ceramic tasting spoon. The precious bottle holds a balsamic vinegar that master blender Simone Tintori of La Vecchia Dispensa considers his ultimate effort of the last decade.

It’s as thick and luscious as the famous traditional balsamics, without the cost. Soft and velvety, it’s lovely on the tongue. Sweet with hints of dry red fruits and berries and just a whisper of the mulberry and oak casks in which the vinegar has aged.

Treat it like a precious gem, enjoy purposefully, and celebrate each drop.

Black Pearl Balsamic Vinegar

V-BPL 100 ml bottle with ceramic spoon, boxed
Current Price $45
Returning October 2023

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