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Baked Goods Dreambox

Baked Goods Dreambox

Our ultimate baked goods collection.

If you want to knock someone’s socks off, this is the gift to do it.

Our classic pine crate is stuffed to bursting with testaments to the temple of sweetness: our nosher-sized Sour Cream Coffee Cake, a Currant Scone and a Country Scone, a walnut-studded Magic Brownie, a dulce de leche caramel stuffed Buenos Aires Brownie, a coconut macaroon topped Black and White Brownie, a Sea Salt Topped Pecan Blondie, a Ginger Molasses Jump-Up Cookie, a vegan almond and coconut Almondinger Cookie, a raspberry-filled Patti Pocket hand pie, a nosher Toasted Pecan Pie, and a loaf of Classic Banana Bread.

Worried about having too many baked goods? All the pastries come individually wrapped and freeze beautifully for longer term storage. Read more about how to store pastry long term.

Baked Goods Dreambox

G-DRE Gift Box, serves 14-16 for one event or 1-2 for weeks of nibbling
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