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Artichoke Cream

Artichoke Cream

Sun soaked spread.

This makes me smile. A sun-bright spread of artichokes, whipped with extra virgin olive oil till pudding light, tarted up with a dash of vinegar and herbs.

You can use it in a hundred different ways. Try it on grilled Farm bread, as a vegetable dip, in a sauce, in egg salad, on your spoon like ice cream. It's going to seduce its way into a terrific number of your waking hours.

"The artichoke whip is to die for! The lemon makes for a terrific finish, and on crackers or straight off the spoon, my taste buds do a "very happy dance" when I am eating this..."
Pamela, Brookneal, VA

Artichoke Cream

P-ARC 185 g jar
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