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4 Cured Meats & Cheeses Party Spread Customizable Gift Box

4 Cured Meats & Cheeses Party Spread Customizable Gift Box

Primo party provisions.

Snacking never tasted so great. Curate your own selection of four well-aged cheeses and handmade salamis and sliced hams to put assemble your own ultimate cured meat and cheese party spread. Use the menu below to make your selections. We'll pack them in our fun, yellow Zingerman's Deli bag with a loaf of Farm Bread, artisan crackers, cornichon pickles, and Virginia Diner Peanuts.

Wish you could pair your meats and cheeses with something else? Or, wanna create something entirely different? We have plenty of other customizable gifts to choose from. Or if you'd like to create a custom gift box with other ingredients we're happy to help. Give us a ring at 888.636.8162.

Choose any 4:

more to go. You have selected of cheeses and cured meats. Click the plus sign + to select a cheese or cured meat.

Zingerman's Nor'easter Cabot Cheddar Cheese

Pasteurized cow's milk cheddar from Cabot in Vermont. Great for snacking. Half pound.

Valserena Parmigiano Reggiano

The classic. Raw cow's milk cheese from Italy, aged at least two years for huge flavor. Half pound.

Cabot Clothbound Cheddar Cheese

Traditional pasteurized cow's milk cheddar from Vermont. Complex, tangy, and fruity. Half pound.

Brabander Goat Gouda Cheese

Pasteurized goat's milk gouda from the Netherlands. Incredibly sweet and creamy. Half pound.
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Marieke Gouda Cheese

Raw cow's milk gouda from Wisconsin. Rich, dense, sweet and savory. Half pound.

Artisanal Manchego Cheese

Pasteurized sheep's milk cheese from Spain. Smooth, nutty, fragrant. Half pound.

Piave Vecchio Cheese

Pasteurized cow's milk cheese from northern Italy. Sweet, fruity, toasty flavor. Half pound.

Camembert Cheese

Soft round of pasteurized cow's milk cheese from France. Vegetal, complex, funky flavor. Half pound.

Aged Gorgonzola Naturale Cheese

Pasteurized cow's milk blue cheese from Italy. Intense blue flavor. Half pound.

Antique Gruyère Cheese

Raw cow's milk cheese from Switzerland. Smooth, fruity, slightly swissy flavors. Half pound.

Bayley Hazen Blue Cheese

Raw cow's milk blue cheese from Vermont. Fudgy texture, rich, smooth flavor. Half pound.
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Brebis d'Ossau Cheese

Raw sheep's milk cheese from France. Creamy texture, mellow, fresh, fruity flavor. Half pound.


Calabrian-style spicy pork spread, from Tempesta in Chicago. Hot, silky, powerful. Six ounces.

Spicy Calabrian Salami

Pork salami from Tempesta in Chicago. Sweet yet spicy with Calabrian chiles. Nine ounces, whole.

Summer Sausage

Beef and pork salami from Underground Meats in Wisconsin. Sweet, tangy, smoky. Ten ounces, whole.
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Prosciutto Piccante

Italian-style dry cured ham from La Quercia in Iowa, with fennel seed and chile. Two ounces, sliced.

Prosciutto Americano

Italian-style dry cured ham from La Quercia in Iowa. Clean, tangy, porky flavor. Two ounces, sliced.

Speck Cured Pork

Italian mountain-style dry cured ham from La Quercia in Iowa. Lightly smoky. Two ounces, sliced.

Ibérico Dry Cured Ham

Dry cured, heirloom-breed ham from Spain. Intense, rich, deeply savory. Two ounces, sliced.
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Holy Cow Beef Sticks

Beef snack sticks from Red Bear Provisions in Chicago. Rich and smoky. Four ounces, three sticks.

4 Cured Meats & Cheeses Party Spread Customizable Gift Box

G-4MP 4 meats & cheeses plus party fixins, gift boxed
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