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Ibérico Dry Cured Ham

Ibérico Dry Cured Ham

Heirloom of heirlooms.

Ibérico pigs are basically the heirloom breed of heirloom breeds, the flavor standard against which all other pork for cured meats is measured. Its flavor and unique melt-on-the-tongue fat is unmatched by any other meat out there. In Spain, Ibérico is served and eaten as simply as simple can be. No melon, no fruit, no nuts—just a plate with ham. With a food this precious, you don't want anything between it and your tongue.

Here it's sliced thin, like Prosciutto di Parma. Serve Ibérico ham at room temperature. The eating experience is radically better when it's had time to warm.

Ibérico Dry Cured Ham

M-BLR 2 ounces sliced
Ships for flat rate

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