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L'Amuse Pril Gouda

An 'every day gouda' that tastes like something special.

"The Pril is awesome!"
So says Lisa Roberts, our resident cheese guru who knows a thing or two about cheese. 
While Gouda is made everywhere in Holland, there are major differences between goudas from different regions. 
This particular gouda is selected for us by Betty Koster of L'amuse, Amsterdam's top cheese shop. It's aged for about six months, so it's on the younger side of the gamut, but it tastes like a much more mature cheese. The flavor fills your mouth with notes of butterscotch and caramel, finishing with a milky sweetness that makes it a favorite eating cheese. Try it in grilled cheese sandwiches, too. It's great in any format.
"I ordered the L'Amuse Pril Gouda two weeks ago and this cheese is seriously the BEST cheese I have ever had. The website description says it has a butterscotch-like flavor... I don't know about that because I hate butterscotch, and I freaking love this cheese. I can't even decide which way to eat it is my favorite, it made a bomb ass grilled cheese, and I didn't think it could get any better but today when I had it at work on a turkey and avocado sandwich I felt like I died and went to heaven."
Natalie, Lansing, MI
Our current wheels are exceptionally tasty, with big, creamy butterscotch notes. Very easy to snack on.

L'Amuse Pril Gouda

C-PRL by the lb
$14.50 - $54
ships 2 business days warm weather care

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