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Raspberry Champagne Jelly

Raspberry Champagne Jelly

A rare breed of raspberry jam from one of America's finest preserve makers.

Robert Lambert makes some of our favorite marmalades, syrups and fruit cakes in a small production kitchen near his home in the Bay area.

What I've always admired is how Robert expands each step of preserving fruit to multiply its flavor. If someone else can make something taste good in six steps, he can make it taste outstanding in 12 steps. 

This jam is a perfect example. Robert spends hours pressing overripe raspberries through a fine mesh screen until only the seeds remain — which he discards. Then he cooks the raspberry fruit and its juice with a little bit of sugar as well as champagne-scented geranium and lime juice.

More like a jam than a jelly, this is one of Robert’s most cherished creations and an instant hit here in Ann Arbor. I’m guessing it’ll be a hit in your kitchen, too. 

Raspberry Champagne Jelly

P-RCJ 8 oz jar
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