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Pistacchiosa Cream

Pistacchiosa Cream

Spreadable pistachio

This spread comes from Rieti, Italy, in the very center of the country. In 2012, Antonio della Corte was creating sweet mixes for gelateries and pastry shops around Rome. Anna Marie Conti was running a farm with a bed and breakfast a few miles north of Rome. The two got together, combined their talents, and created a line of spreads made with Anna Maria’s own extra virgin olive oil and nuts grown on friends’ farms.

It was through this network of farmers and growers that they were able to track down these Sicilian pistachios to use in this spread. The olive oil gives the spread nice sheen and incredibly smooth texture, but the only flavor that comes through is the pistachios and not the oil. The minute you open the lid you’ll notice that all you smell is sweet, nutty pistachios. Just wait till you taste it. Sweet, nutty, rich and lingering, this spread is great straight from the jar. If you’re a baker mix this with pastry cream or whipped cream for a luscious cream puff filling. Spoon it over cheesecake, drizzle it atop fresh goat cheese for a really neat appetizer. 

Pistacchiosa Cream

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