Hebel Halvas

Hebel Halvas

Mediterranean staple sweet.

Halva is a staple around the Mediterranean and at Jewish delis in the states. It’s a confection made of ground sesame seeds—AKA tahini—plus sugar and extra flavorings. The result is this ethereal, airy, nutty, candyfloss-like paste that’s spreadable or spoonable or sliceable and just delicious.

This take on the classic comes from Hebel & Co. in Los Angeles. We offer two flavors.

The first is chock full of toasty pistachios and nigella seeds, a complex, earthy spice that's a cross between a caraway seed and black pepper. (If you've ever tried our Chernushka rye bread, it gets a jolt from a good portion of nigella seeds, too.) It’s a complex spice, giving the halva an earthy, peppery, bright, sweet, floral type of flavor and aroma.

The second is flavor is double chocolate. Made with organic dark chocolate, the result is nutty and super chocolatey with a notably creamy texture.

Gluten Free

Pistachio Halva

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Double Chocolate Halva

P-CHV 8 oz box
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