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Pomegranate Sauce

Creativity enhancer.

Pomegranate sauce is a syrup-like reduction of pomegranate juice and sugar that has a really unique, tart-sweet flavor and is colored a gorgeous, deep reddish purple. It’s as thick as maple syrup with sweet and sour flavors that combine the best of balsamic vinegar with lush fruit. Great as an ingredient in an array of Middle Eastern dishes, it’s the sort of addition to sauces and stews that adds enormous depth of flavor but no one can ever identify.

I’ve found it particularly good with poultry dishes—it’s a nice addition to a creative cook’s marinade routine. It’s also great drizzled over crepes, fresh Zingerman’s Creamery cream cheese or gelato.

"This is fun stuff. I keep finding new cool things to do with it. It was great to caramelize onions with. It has been great drizzled over all kinds of fresh fruits and steamed veggiesit adds a complex fruitiness to all kinds of things...I think I'll start playing with it in desserts next."
Dr. Steve from Waupaca, WI

"A deeply beguiling, sweet-tart taste"
John Willoughby, New York Times

Looking for pomegranate molasses? You're at the right place!
The producer of this sauce stopped making what they called 'pomegranate molasses' and now is making this pomegranate sauce. While the ingredients are the same, the recipe is slightly different. The sauce isn't quite as thick as the molasses version, but the flavor is as advertised and just as versatile. 

Pomegranate Sauce

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