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Zingerman's "Old" Pickles

Zingerman's "Old" Pickles

Pickle pride.

After three and a half decades in the food world, our historic brick corner Deli is nearly as famous for our pickles as our Reubens. They come with every sandwich, they’re nearly a meal in themselves, and now they’re finally in a jar!

These "old" pickles have all the snap and pop you’re looking for in a nosh. They’ve absorbed enough of their dill and garlic infused brine to pack a flavor punch, yet they still taste fresh with their crisp texture and signature snap. A must for any home that loves deli fare or really great pickles.

Note that these pickles should always be kept in the fridge, even before the jar is opened.

Zingerman's "Old" Pickles

P-OPJ 32 oz jar, about 6 pickles
Ships 2 business days warm weather care