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Marina Colonna's Olives

Marina Colonna makes our house Peranzana olive oil and, with each harvest, a smattering of olives from her ancient groves.
With the latest harvest she’s bottled one of my favorite varieties of olive, Termite di Bitetto in young green (verde) and fully ripe black (nera). She calls them Mita.
The black mita nera olives are the only olive you can eat straight from a tree (most olives need a lengthy curing process). Marina cures these for a shorter time, leaving them plump. During the olive harvest the crew sautés the fattest, blackest ones for lunch. You wouldn't be bad off if you tried the same.
Both of these olives are simply cured in salt.

Mite Nera Olives

P-CNO 560 g jar
We're not sure when it's returning
Ships for flat rate

Mita Verde Olives

P-MVO 290 g jar
Ships for flat rate

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