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Marina Colonna's Olives

The unripe olives with flavor.

Green olives are unripe olives. As olives ripen they darken, turning brown, purple, or black. And like other fruit that’s unripe, most green olives don’t have much flavor. But there are exceptions.
Marina Colonna makes our house Peranzana olive oil and, with each harvest, a smattering of olives from her ancient groves. With the latest harvest she’s bottled a couple of my favorite varieties of olives. 
The first is Termite di Bitetto in young green (verde). She calls them Mita. The black mita olives are the only olive you can eat straight from a tree (most olives need a lengthy curing process). When cured, the green ones have lovely flavor, too.
The next is green Cerignola olives.  Naturally brine cured Cerignola olives are firm-fleshed with direct, delicious field green flavor.
Rinse a handful off under the faucet, dress them with a glug of Marina’s oil and top with a couple gratings of lemon zest and you’ll be sitting down to a superb Southern Italian snack. Pits included.

Cerignola Green Olives

P-BCO 290 g jar
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Mita Verde Olives

P-MVO 290 g jar
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