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Marcona Almonds: Angela's Favorite

Marcona Almonds: Angela's Favorite

Snack Trifecta: Fried, Salted, Flavorful

Angela "Watty" Watts is a service star in our service center at Zingerman's Mail Order.

Marcona almonds are my favorite. I love how crunchy and lightly salted that they are. They're fried in oil, and that oil makes it so that the nuts can hold seasonings like everything bagel seasoning, chili lime seasoning, or any of your favorite herbs. I love them so much that I have had quarterly shipments set up for myself so I always have them on hand. They're even perfect for those low carb diets! 

Marcona Almonds from Spain: Angela's Favorite

P-MLM 4 oz bag
Ships for flat rate

Marcona Almonds from Spain

P-MLM-8 Case of eight 4 oz bags
Ships for flat rate

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