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Matzo Ball Soup Kit

The matzo we use to make our matzo balls.

As I'm sure you know, Zingerman's is a Jewish Deli founded by a couple of Jewish guys thirty-five years ago. And like any Jewish Deli worth its schmaltz, we serve some darn good matzo ball soup. It's amazing stuff. If you're sick, you get some matzo ball soup from Zingerman's, you eat it, you take a nap, and instantly you're healthy again. 
Seriously. Everyone here in Ann Arbor knows that. 
So you should take it as a big deal to know that Zingerman's Deli is now using this very matzo meal from the Matzo Project in Brooklyn, NY to make their matzo balls.
A famous deli has changed the most important ingredient in their most traditional soup to this very matzo. Like I said: this is a big deal. 
Not only does it make delicious matzo balls and soup, but the packaging is fun and hip and unique (sorta like us). A great gift for any matzo ball lover.
The kit comes with what you need to make a hearty broth. To make the matzo balls, you just add two eggs and four tablespoons of oil.

Matzo Ball Soup Kit

P-MBS 4.5 oz box
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