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Marash Red Pepper Flakes

Marash Red Pepper Flakes

First and last among red pepper.

Marash Turkish red pepper flakes are the most impressive, flavorful dried red pepper flakes I've ever tried.

They have an amazingly full flavor with just a moderate amount of heat. You can add them to your food while it's cooking. Or sprinkle on a finished dish for extra flavor. My kitchen hasn't been without a jar of Marash for the past fifteen years.

I use Marash in all sorts of ways. In vinaigrettes. On eggs. In pasta sauce. Blended with lemon juice and spread on chicken, lamb and fish. In fact, it's hard for me to remember a lot of dishes where I didn't try to use Marash pepper—more often than not, it's been successful.

Keep Marash pepper as moist as possible, either by sealing the lid tightly after every use or, preferably, storing in your freezer.

"I love Marash with boiled egg, parsley and scallion for breakfast. I also put olive oil, oregano, one garlic clove and Marash in a very small bowl and dip my bread into it.”
Ayfer Unsal, Turkish journalist

Marash Red Pepper Flakes

P-MAR 49 g jar
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