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Anson Mills Grits

Anson Mills Grits

Is there such a thing as good grits?

Don’t skip by this item if your only memory of grits is a bland boxed breakfast proposition forced on you by an industrial mill or well-intentioned mom. These are the real, old-fashioned organic, heirloom-variety corn deal from Anson Mills in South Carolina.

We bring them up to Michigan in bulk, then package it in our kitchen in letterpressed bags to ship across the US. That is, we ship the ones we don't keep for ourselves. They're always on the menu at Zingerman's Roadhouse restaurant: with butter, with cheese, alongside smoked meats or under roast fish, in waffles... I could go on. 

Being down on grits because you didn’t like the Quaker® version would be like ruling out pasta because Kraft® macaroni and cheese didn’t seem too exciting. Buy some, try some. I guarantee you’ll be astounded.

Keep your grits in the freezer. Even though they won't go bad for some time if kept at room temperature, they'll last much longer in the freezer.


Anson Mills Slow Cook Grits

P-GRI 1 lb bag

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