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Chocolate Covered Walnuts

The French have a way with walnuts.

In the Périgord region of southwestern France, walnut orchards blanket the landscape. The locals make walnut wine, walnut eau-de-vie, walnut cakes, walnut breads, salami and cheese with walnuts... the list goes on.
One of the most luscious walnut creations I’ve ever had comes from Domaine de Béquignol where they subject these famous nuts to four flavor-enhancing techniques. First they’re toasted, then caramelized, then enveloped in a coat of dark chocolate as thick as the walnut itself, then dusted with cocoa powder. The effect is more than just an accretion of flavor, it’s like an explosion. They’re rich, nutty, so chocolatey, a little crunchy and yet they melt in your mouth. 
Twelve perfect nuts per box makes enough to share. Or not.

Chocolate Covered Walnuts

P-CCW 80 g box, 12 nuts
Returning October 2019

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