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Zingerman's Gift Card

Sent instantly by email or by post for free.

Zingerman’s Gift Cards never spoil, never go out of style, never expire. They can be cashed in for anything from corned beef to caviar and pretty much everything in between.

Classic Gift Card
Looks like a credit card, sent via first class mail for free. Usually the gift card is delivered within a week of being sent, but sometimes it can take longer—up to two weeks. If you need it there quickly we can ship it overnight for $15. The free postage option is not trackable. The overnight shipping option can be tracked.

Instant Email Gift Card (E-Card)
Arrives by email within an hour of ordering, or on any future day of your choice. It works just like the plastic version. The recipient prints a copy to redeem in person at any Zingerman's business, or they use the card number included to redeem online. This is a great option because, as long as the email is retained, the gift is never lost. As the sender you will receive an email confirmation once the E-Card is sent and a second confirmation once the recipient opens the email.

Answers to Freqently Asked Questions
- No balance inquiry fees (check your balance here)
- No hidden fees whatsoever
- Never expires
- Valid at any Zingerman's business, including the online store
- Can be used to purchase anything at Zingerman's, even if it's on sale
- Are always sold at full price, no discount when you buy the card
- Pick a dollar value from the dropdown menu below. 
- Need a different amount?  Just ring us at 888.636.8162, we'd be happy to help.

Zingerman's Gift Card


Zingerman's Instant Email Gift Card


Randomly Generated Deliciousness

La Spineta Olive Oil
La Spineta Olive Oil $30 - $360 ON SPECIAL $20 - $180
Ships for flat rate
Summer Fling Coffee Cake
Summer Fling Coffee Cake $45 - $65
Free shipping
Ibérico Bellota Cured Pork Loin
Ibérico Bellota Cured Pork Loin $135
Ships for flat rate
La Gran Anchoa Anchovy Fillets
La Gran Anchoa Anchovy Fillets $20
Ships for flat rate