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Brownie Samplers

White lies of omission.

You can't go wrong sending brownies to someone special. If you say you "sent them myself" they might even think you said "baked them myself." And you wouldn't correct them. Of course not. 

Almost a quarter pound each. Dense, fudgy, loaded with chocolate. One hundred percent natural with no preservatives or corn syrup or anything you can't pronounce. 

The Deluxe version of this gift box has six brownies: two each of our original Magic Brownies with toasted walnuts, Dulce de Leche Caramel Buenos Aires Brownies, and Pecan Blondies topped with sea salt. 

The Ultimate version adds four more: two no-nut Black Magic Brownies, plus two gluten-free Townie Brownies.

Want to make a custom brownie box? Check out our six-piece Custom Pastry Gift Box.

Zingerman's Brownies are “...one of the Top 20 recipes of all time.”
Midwest Living

Deluxe Brownie Sampler

G-BRS-6 6 Brownie
Ships for flat rate

Ultimate Brownie Sampler

G-BRS-10 10 assorted brownies
Ships for flat rate

Randomly Generated Deliciousness

Pesto Trapanese
Pesto Trapanese $13
Ships for flat rate
Dinkelbrot $13
ships 2 business days