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Custom Triple Coffee Cake Gift Box

Choose your temptation.

Put together your own triple coffee cake gift box.

We'll pack the three nosher-sized cakes you select in our handmade wooden cheese crate and ship it anywhere in the contiguous 48 states for free. Makes a great professional present. A fantastic centerpiece for your next brunch. Cakes also freeze great for long-term munching.

Choose any 3:

more to go. You have selected of coffee cakes. Click the plus sign + to select a coffee cake.

Nosher Sour Cream Coffee Cake

Our most popular cake for over twenty years, loaded with toasted walnuts and Indonesian cinnamon.

Nosher Hot Cocoa Coffee Cake

Made with extra-special cocoa and chunks of Belgian chocolate.

Nosher Summer Fling Coffee Cake

Loaded up with slow-toasted coconut and lime. Fresh, zesty, and maybe even a bit tart.

Nosher Lemon Poppy Seed Coffee Cake

Made with real lemon oil and a passel of Dutch poppy seeds.

Nosher Sweet Butter Tea Cake

Our sour cream coffee cake minus the walnuts and cinnamon.

Nosher New Deli Crumb Cake

Moist crumb made with lots of sweet butter and topped with a butter-crumble crust.

Custom Triple Coffee Cake Gift Box

G-3CK 3 nosher coffee cakes in gift crate, serves 15-21
We're not sure when it's returning
Free shipping

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