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Regal Raisin from France

Royally smooth.

One of my favorite holiday cheeses is Regal Raisin: a triple-crème from France covered in Marc de Bourgogne soaked raisins. 

A little explanation on those terms is probably in order.  Triple-crème is technical jargon cheesemongers geek out over, it basically means the cheese is really rich and made with lots of cream. Its level of butterfat is only slightly less than butter, if that helps. Marc de Bourgogne is aged brandy from eastern France that gives structure to the coating of sweet raisins. Together they sliced through the buttery rich flavor of the cheese to open up complex, compelling flavor. Set this down after dinner, stand back, and watch the compliments fly.

After printing the Regal Raisin Cheese in our holiday catalogs in 2018, we learned that it is not currently available to import to the US. We're really sorry about that, both for the error and for fact that now we don't get to eat any Regal Raisin, either. In its place, maybe another soft cheese would tickle your fancy?

Regal Raisin from France

C-RGL 7 oz round
Returning October 2019

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