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Detroit Street Brick

Studded with green peppercorns.

First, let me clear up any confusion about the name. If you’ve never been to Zingerman's Deli, then you might be lost. This cheese is named after—but tastes nothing like—the cobblestone bricks that pave Detroit Street in front of the deli.

Aged just shy of a month, this goat cheese is dense, studded with whole and crushed green peppercorns that give it a subtle spice. The snow white rind is thin, allowing the flavor of the milk to come through. There isn't much of the typical mushroom flavor you get from a heavily molded cheese. Instead it's more of a fresh cream flavor, perfumed with pepper.

Its clean flavor finishes with a nice citrus note, making this one of the most accessible goat cheeses I know. Perfect for aficionado and novice alike.

"This lovely cheese offers a pronounced goatiness, sans an overly barnyard-bound twang. Delicious, crunchy nuggets of peppercorn provide a bright pop of pungent flavor that's tempered by the dense but creamy cheese."
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Detroit Street Brick

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