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Appleby's Cheshire

The last traditional Cheshire you can buy.

Sounds like "cheddar," but it's not. That's not to say it's totally different. Like our English Farmhouse Cheddar, it's made in a drum shape from raw cow's milk from the Applebys' own herd. It's also cloth wrapped, which makes it age faster and, I think, gives it a more interesting flavor than wax rind cheeses.

Similarities aside, the flavor of Cheshire is different. It's a little drier than cheddar. The texture is crumbly and light. The flavor tickles your tongue. Sticking with instincts and skills that have been honed over a half century, the Applebys make a great traditional cheese. It's the last farmhouse version of its kind. Buy it while you still can.

Our current wheels were made in April of 2017 and tasting fantastic, with a superb mineral tang.

Appleby's Cheshire

C-CHE by the lb
$22 - $78
Returning October 2018

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