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Usinger's Smoked Liverwurst

Usinger's Smoked Liverwurst

The most underrated meat we carry.

Liverwurst is one of those foods that too many people shy away from. Maybe it's because when you put the words "liver" and "wurst" next to each other, the message comes across as unappetizing. Maybe people are just afraid of liver. Whatever the reason, I want to stand up and shout that this too often overlooked food is very good and deserves recognition, not to mention a place on your table. Even Prince (RIP) has been spotted stocking it in his Minnesota refrigerator and he was a vegetarian, so you know with that kind of fan it's gotta be good. (I did not — I could not — make that up, true story.)

Usinger’s has been making sausages in the same building on Old World Third Street in Milwaukee since 1880, and they haven’t changed a single recipe since. Their smoked liverwurst (braunschweiger) is exceptionally meaty and smooth. Slice and serve between two slices of Zingerman’s Bakehouse Rye for a great mid-week sandwich snack.

Ships frozen.

Usinger's Smoked Liverwurst

M-LWS 1 lb piece
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