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Tiburtini Olio Novello

Tiburtini Olio Novello

Just pressed and flown to us.

Olive oil is pressed each year in the fall, as the olives reach their peak ripeness. Most of the time, we receive our first shipment of the new harvest several months later in the spring—it takes time for the oil to settle, and for it to come across the Atlantic by boat.

But every year, we fly in a small supply of brand new, just-pressed oil from the Tiburtini estate in Tivoli, Italy, just outside of Rome. Called Novello or Nuovo (they mean the same thing), newly pressed olive oils are just a few weeks old with big, bold flavors that demand to be noticed.

The oil will mellow from here on out so this is your chance to taste it at its most assertive and, for many, most interesting. Don't savor it—enjoy the bottle immediately for the biggest, boldest, wildest flavors.

Quantities are very limited.


Tiburtini Olio Novello

O-TIB-NUO 500 ml
Returning December 2021