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Piri Piri Hot Sauce

Piri Piri Hot Sauce

Portuguese-style Bloody Mary booster.

Piri piri is to Portugal as Tabasco is to the U.S.—the go-to hot sauce for almost any occasion.

Portugal's hot sauce tradition is a legacy from many years of colonial activity in Africa. The peppers that make up piri piri are still grown south of the equator, then brought north to Portugal, where they're blended with vinegar, spices and a bit of sea salt. 

The Portuguese use piri piri with all sorts of dishes, from fish to soups to roasted meats. It makes a great little spicy hors d'oeuvre dotted on to Zingerman's Creamery Cream Cheese, works wonders in omelets and is an exceptional stealth Bloody Mary ingredient. Call it your secret.

Piri Piri Hot Sauce

P-PPH 155 ml bottle
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