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Marzipan Passover Plagues

Marzipan Passover Plagues

The sweet way to learn about Passover

The story of Passover is a rather dark tale with freedom as the final reward. For those unfamiliar with it, ten plagues were visited upon Egypt so that Moses and the Israelites would be freed from slavery and allowed to leave. During the final plague (the killing of first born humans and beasts) the Israelites marked the doors of their homes with lamb's blood so that they may be "passed over" and spared the calamaties that affected the rest of the country. 

It's an important story, but it can be challenging to explain to younger children. That's where this marzipan can help. 

I know what you're probably thinking at this point. I thought it all too. First, who dreamed this up? Second, is it for real? And third, it sounds kind of interesting, actually.

Let me assure you they are are for real, they are interesting, and they taste great. Marzipan is a firm confection made of almond and sugar. There are ten pieces here, each hand painted with a design depicting one of the plagues, in a fun, approachable way. 

Kosher (but not Kosher for Passover)
Gluten Free

Marzipan Passover Plagues

P-LGU 10 pieces, boxed
$50 On Special $25
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