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Marzipan Easter Bunnies & Carrots

Marzipan Easter Bunnies & Carrots

Almost too cute to eat.

Across Europe, marzipan—the chewy, almond-based candy—is shaped and colored to resemble adorable, miniature versions of everything from mangoes to pigs. But for this take on the tradition, instead of crossing the ocean we took a trip across town.

Here in Ann Arbor, the team at Marzipops shapes marzipan into adorable bunnies, plus a couple of marzipan carrots in case they get peckish. They’re so cute you’ll want to arrange a miniature bunny Instagram photo shoot. But don’t forget to eat them afterward: they’re just as delicious as they are adorable.

Six bunnies in naturalistic colors of greys and tans and two bright orange carrots with green tops all come nestled in a gift box.

Gluten Free

Marzipan Easter Bunnies & Carrots

P-MEB 6 bunnies & 2 carrots, boxed
Returning February 2023